How to tell pooh that I hate him so much? Despite having quite a cute-looking face, his behaviour is a bit unacceptable lately; stealing foods, making mess in the kitchen as well as vomiting in the hallway, balcony and so on. He even pooped inside my housemate's luggage *sigh. People changed, so did Pooh. Eh?

ahh kucing pemalas. hetchu -.-
"This place is not safe anymore
and humanity is fading away"

Blood, deaths and injuries - harm everywhere but life must go on and I don't really care anyway. The only thing that affects me the most is the fact that I sucked in the futsal tournament last two weeks. Managed just two shots on goal and I failed to threat the oppositions. Idek what was wrong with me but I felt so small.

Yet again, life must go on and I still have my very own source of happiness; a guitar ;)

This might turn out to be my last entry in 2013 since I'm gonna be away fr a while. Gotta prepare fr final. Take care!

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