I loev you very muhc

No matter how bad we are at spelling, it is always okay as long as others understand what we are trying to say. But words are just words, and they were never enough to describe how strong we feel inside.

to you who haven't appeared in my life;

I hope you don't mind about me being an overly attached person. You might receive my texts as late as 4 in the morning whenever I miss you or I might appear in your sight out of the blue just to see you and your bright little smile.

I hope you don't mind about me being jealous whenever you talk to other guys. I swear I will try not to annoy you with my jealousy but I am just afraid that they will get your attention more than I do and you will leave me in the end.

I hope you don't mind about me sending you texts like "Good morning, I love you :)" during the day and "Good night, I miss you :)" at the very end of the day on regular occasion.

I hope you don't mind about me writing about you; the way you cover your mouth when you laugh, the way you express the things that irritate you or the way your eyes light up every time you do the things you love

I hope you don't mind about me having different taste in music, how much my playlist sucks, how insecure I am with myself, how difficult I can be at times, how even little things can affect me and how overprotective I am.

I just hope that you don't mind

and maybe one day
you'll accidentally come across this post and reply;

"I dont mind, I don't mind at all"


I will cherissh yuo forrever (:


Anonymous said...

I loev yuo too :3

Im said...

ahhh diammah pek hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I dont mind. I dont mind.

Im said...

siapa memain niii nak kena belasah ke hahaha -.-

Anonymous said...

No im serious.

Im said...

tapi tak kenal maka tak cinta :>

Anonymous said...


Im said...

siapa seh ni menyampah pula rasa nak tumbuk je sampai gigi patah :>

Anonymous said...

Tak baik tumbuk perempuan ;) jangan marah2.. Nanti cepat tua tak comel dah nanti. Hihi. Sabarlaaa.. Mesti nak tau sangat siapa ni kan? :) cuba teka. Hint. Perempuan benar perempuan.

Im said...

acah2 gangster je sebenarnya hahaha taknak kenal bye