How to tell pooh that I hate him so much? Despite having quite a cute-looking face, his behaviour is a bit unacceptable lately; stealing foods, making mess in the kitchen as well as vomiting in the hallway, balcony and so on. He even pooped inside my housemate's luggage *sigh. People changed, so did Pooh. Eh?

ahh kucing pemalas. hetchu -.-
"This place is not safe anymore
and humanity is fading away"

Blood, deaths and injuries - harm everywhere but life must go on and I don't really care anyway. The only thing that affects me the most is the fact that I sucked in the futsal tournament last two weeks. Managed just two shots on goal and I failed to threat the oppositions. Idek what was wrong with me but I felt so small.

Yet again, life must go on and I still have my very own source of happiness; a guitar ;)

This might turn out to be my last entry in 2013 since I'm gonna be away fr a while. Gotta prepare fr final. Take care!



I loev you very muhc

No matter how bad we are at spelling, it is always okay as long as others understand what we are trying to say. But words are just words, and they were never enough to describe how strong we feel inside.

to you who haven't appeared in my life;

I hope you don't mind about me being an overly attached person. You might receive my texts as late as 4 in the morning whenever I miss you or I might appear in your sight out of the blue just to see you and your bright little smile.

I hope you don't mind about me being jealous whenever you talk to other guys. I swear I will try not to annoy you with my jealousy but I am just afraid that they will get your attention more than I do and you will leave me in the end.

I hope you don't mind about me sending you texts like "Good morning, I love you :)" during the day and "Good night, I miss you :)" at the very end of the day on regular occasion.

I hope you don't mind about me writing about you; the way you cover your mouth when you laugh, the way you express the things that irritate you or the way your eyes light up every time you do the things you love

I hope you don't mind about me having different taste in music, how much my playlist sucks, how insecure I am with myself, how difficult I can be at times, how even little things can affect me and how overprotective I am.

I just hope that you don't mind

and maybe one day
you'll accidentally come across this post and reply;

"I dont mind, I don't mind at all"


I will cherissh yuo forrever (:



Somehow, I feel dismayed.
#1. I accidentally stepped on Pooh and I just couldn't find the right way to say sorry to him (yep I'm using the word 'him' simply because Pooh is a male cat) and yes I couldn't speak cat's language. In return, Pooh gave me his "I will rip you apart" kind of stare and walked away. Pooh hates me.
#2. Jealousy over those who live in a study environment. The fact that I'm not genius makes me feel uneasy. Plus, final exam in about a month ++ so I need to study. help
#3. Some people around me bring so much negativity and it upsets me.
#4. I received few deep cuts on my fingers from cleaning the fridge two days ago and now I have to withstand the stingy pain every single time I wash my hands.
#5. Again, Pooh stared me down  while I was having my lunch so I had to share some with him. Tried my best to win his heart back. Yes I could do this!
I know this is lame but let's hope fr a better tomorrow :)



Hi. I just woke up to the sound of my laptop hitting the floor and now I couldn't go back to sleep because of hunger.

Btw I have no idea what triggered me to write. I think it has something to do with what I feel right now; something in between joy and sadness. p/s: I enjoy writing every time I get upset


I am still in the state of recovering and now I feel like pushing myself away from everyone; too tired of seeing others leaving me all by myself so I guess it'd be less damaging if I'm the one who leave. Yessssss I'm good at pushing people away so nobody will ever notice.

Aiyok. It looks like a giant octopus with short tentacles
Basically that's just me fighting my personal monster and I don't think that's cool hmm I should have drawn a gun instead . Whatever it is, I know how irritating I can be at times but I still have this wishful thinking that some people will never leave me astray, not even once, not even close and not even in their slightest thought.