Living in the community, we can't expect people to live up to our expectations. Macam yang pernah saya cakap sebelum ni, having expectations is always okay until you have to face the truth, which is rather disappointing. For example, no matter how kind you are towards them, it won't guarantee anything. Sikit pun tak. Because we, people can be cruel sometimes :|
I've lost my wallet earlier this year. My handphone has been stolen back in July. Plus, burglars broke into my house during the raya festive few months ago. Money, briefcase, camera, etc went missing*sigh.
Apa2 pun, I'm not going to blame them lah kot, sebab hmm. Entah lah. Mana lah tahu kan, diorg tu actually modern day Robin Hood yang curik orang punya belonging pastu kasi dekat orang yang kurang berkemampuan ke apa ke kan. Well, we will never knowww



I was taking my hot shower when suddenly the nozzle made a very weird, distracting sound. I thought I'd be dead at that particular moment and yeah, it wasn't funny at all. It wasn't funny at all.

Okay, enough.
I didn't plan to write at first but the rising snatching cases during the last few days which is causing chaos over here moved me to write. I'm a bit intimidated, really. Being close to someone will actually put me in fear; fear of seeing that someone gets hurt either physically or mentally. In other words, fear of not being able to protect that someone from harm. It's more like a chain reaction in which I'll suffer every time that someone gets hurt. But I don't mind to share the pain, actually. It's just that everything would be better if I can protect and lead that someone out of harm's way or AT LEAST make that someone feels safe around me. This is a bit upsetting but still, I'm going to do my best once that someone appears in my life someday.



17th Sept 2012. Happy Belated Birthday, to me.

Dear god, thanks for another year. Everything was beautiful, and I hope things will keep getting more and more beautiful. Thanks for allowing me to have these wonderful people around me. Thanks for the tears, thanks for the joys. Thanks for the hardships as well as all the blessings. Dear god, I know it's a little bit too late for a birthday wish, but may I have one? Please, protect these wonderful people around me, regardless who they are and please, protect this one stranger who I care the most, from any harm.

Yang sedihnya, birthday tahun ni celebrate jauh dari Malaysia, sorang2 je dalam bilik. Semua orang taktau. Kbai.



Hai hai, Selamat Hari Raya :)
I know it's a little too late, tapi nak jugak berpantun sikit. Hihik.

Anak kucing makan ikan,
Ikan masin x terperi,
Salah silap harap dimaafkan,
Semoga brgembira di Aidilfitri! 

Labah-labah pergi bersiar,
Bersiar seorang diri saje, 
Esok tiba hari raya,
Tutti frutti bila nak belanja?

Enak sungguh tutti frutti,
Tak sabar ada org nk belanja nanti.

Tahun lepas punya pantun -.- Saya curi pantun orang ni sebenarnya, sorry. Tapi takpe lah kot, haritu masa raya pertama dah mintak maaf hihi -.- Eh tapi pantun last tu mcm takde kaitan pun dengan hari raya O.o

Btw, raya ni kan rasa takde semangat je. Taktau kenapa hmmm ._. Tapi kalau semangat sikit pun masa dapat duit raya je hehe.

Sy ni mmg gila sikit dengan purple. Silakan menyampah -.-

Okbyee :)



hope Pronunciation: /həʊp/
  • a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen

reality Pronunciation: /rɪˈalɪti/
  • the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them
*definition from oxforddictionaries.com.

Well, hope is actually a sort of expectation and it's not wrong at all for all of us to have expectations. Having expectations is always okay until you have to face reality.

The thing is, reality can be painful sometimes. It makes our hopes seem so unrealistic and pointless. That's why those who have high expectations will most likely suffer more compared to those who don't. Well, that's what life really is. You can't escape that. You just can't.

I was one of them. I did hope for something unrealistic because I thought it was okay to do so. Because I was so stupid. Because I was so stubborn. Everything seemed so real until the painful reality dragged me down. It didn't happen once and it didn't happen twice either. It happened so many times. Yet, I can't seem to stop from having expectation because it's not my choice but my heart's. I don't really mind because I know I'm going to get hurt in the end anyway.

In conclusion, hope and reality can never be separated, am I right? :)



Trust me or not, I'm doing this again because I have too much time to be wasted -.-

#101. I'm going to skip fact #100 and save it for later.
#102. I tend to get depressed easily if I don't get enough sleep.
#103. Surprisingly, I am not addicted to computer games anymore.
#104. My general knowledge is really bad. If I were sitting for general knowledge test, I'd probably score below than 20 or maybe 10 out of 100
#105. My head will get itchy whenever I eat spicy food.
#106. I do act childish sometimes and I hate it.
#107. I can always make time for those who are dear to me
#108. I'm not easy to get along with.
#109. I hate ginger. It tastes like yuck D:
#110. I prefer to tuck my shoelaces inside the socks or shoes instead of tying them.
#111. I enjoy the smell of gasoline.
#112. When I was a kid, the theme song from the movie X-Files really freaked me out. Until now, the song still brings chill down my spine
#113. I can lick my left elbow but not my right one. I don't know how to explain this.
#114. I love talking about human relationship. But then, I always end up listening most of the time instead of talking about it.
#115. I prefer shopping alone rather than going with my dad because I won't get to buy things I want whenever he's around
#116. I've stopped my bad habit of biting straws since it's pretty disgusting.
#117. I can now play guitar after two weeks of practice and I love it
#118. Since my parents do not allow me to buy or even play guitar, my friend lend me one and I have it hidden inside my closet. I can only play whenever they're not around, but that's more than enough I guess. Hehe.
#119. I'm a bad son for sure. Sorry mom, sorry dad.
#120. I hate taking medicine whenever I fall sick.
#121. I can be friendly to anyone if I put my mind to it.
#122. I don't usually greet others first and wait for them to make the first move instead since I'm afraid that they might feel annoyed and uncomfortable.
#123. I've never suffered muscle cramp in my entire life.
#124. I prefer not to comb my hair and leave them messy instead.
#125. I like to play with my hair. They are soft and silk. pfft.
#126. I've never ridden a roller coaster before.
#127. I still don't understand the exact reason why lovers fight and hurt each other. Is it that hard to actually maintain a good relationship and love each other without the need to hurt back? Can't they just forgive and forget?
#128. I wanna visit Paris so badly.
#129. I hate Justin Bieber, not because of his personality or songs, but hmm. Nevermind -.-"
#130. I'm not afraid of the dark.
#131. I've began to adore Selena when I saw her as the main character in the movie Another Cinderella Story two years ago.
#132. I am fat. Nope
#133. I am getting fatter as time passes by. Nope
#134. I don't like McD's Apple Pie.
#135. I've never proposed to anyone before largely because I am too afraid of being rejected.
#136. I have a close relationship with vampire since I usually sleep during the day and stay awake at night
#137. I have a huge collection of Selena's photos kept inside a folder on my laptop. Hehe.
#138. I'm not comfortable being in public because I feel like everybody's staring at me. It's dejecting somehow.
#139. Being able to cheer up those who are in pain makes me feel contented.
#140. I can be overprotective and I know it's annoying. It's just that I hate seeing those who are dear to me get hurt.
#141. I can't tolerate those who spread chained messages. If the messages were real, I'd be long dead by now
#142. I've been rooting for Chelsea since 2006.
#143. I always have unrealistic and high expectations.
#144. Honestly, I hate getting myself a haircut but at the same time, I don't like having long hair :|
#145. I've never been to Burger King, Nando's, Wendy's and Subway*sobbing
#146. I know this is a bit disgusting but I could blow bubbles off my tongue.
#147. I can even squirt saliva from underneath my tongue. I mean, sometimes.
#148. I have dimples.
#149. I trust people around me too easily.
#150. I can't stand the cold.

Yeay, done with the facts. Need some sleep now, night!



It's typical Tuesday, I guess. Except that I haven't slept since yesterday. Am I being abnormal? I wish I could just fall asleep right after I lay myself in my bed, which I know won't be happening that way. I know clearly what's going to happen if I try to sleep. Random thoughts will suddenly pop up out of nowhere, keeping me busy enough from falling asleep. This overthinking stuff is really tiring T.T

Anyway, I was involved in a road accident few days ago with this one fellow motorcyclist. It was kinda bad, but you should know that I'm just perfectly fine since I am now sitting here in my room, blogging early in the morning.

I suddenly realized few things after the accident, which are;

i) I am selfish
ii) I can't think clearly whenever I'm nervous
iii) I'm easy to be cheated

Clearly, I was feeling kinda low to actually realize that I can be selfish, sometimes. Should I actually tell this? As soon after the crash, the first thing that came across my mind was "how's my car's condition? is it bad?" instead of "How is that guy's condition? is he okay?". That was a total crap, you know. What on earth was going on with me? I don't know why, maybe I was just too nervous and afraid that my dad will find out and throw tantrums even though it was clearly not my fault. It was totally that guy's fault. So that's when I decided to keep my mouth shut. Luckily he was fine, so we settled down quietly and nicely even though that guy cheated me by asking few extra bucks for the compensation. Yet, I still let him off that time since my feelings were all mixed up, thinking how cruel I can be, putting myself first while having less concern about others who are in pain :|

So everything's written up there. I must get rid of them as soon as I can. This is not as easy as handling bad habits, but I'll still try. I have to.

I'm done here. I need my sleep.



#52. I'm curious about what Nachos really is and how does it taste like
#53. I like marshmallow
#54. Up until now, I'm still afraid of black cats because I think that they have some sort of connection with the supernatural thingy
#55. I always feel insecure. I wish I can just disappear
#55. I often talk to the star during the night whenever I miss someone. You can call me crazy or anything, but this is true.
#56. I can live without cellphone. At least for the time being.
#57. I like egg tarts
#58. Texting can make me smile, like seriously.
#59. I am faithful, so you can put all your trust in me :)
#60. I think girls in baju kurung are beautiful.
#61. I envy those with wavy hair
#62. I hate my hair right now. The barber from yesterday turned my hair into something crappy -.-
#63. I don’t have self-confidence
#64. Smoking makes me dizzy, so I don’t smoke at all.
#65. I’m afraid of my dad .
#66. I'll play with my hair whenever I get nervous or shy.
#66. I like to draw, but my drawing skill sucks.
#67. I used to own a diary.
#68. I can sing very well
#69. I can also dance gracefully
#70. I lied to you about facts #68 and #69.
#71. I’ve never won anything in lucky draw
#72. I like skinny jeans. I looked tall in it.
#73. Wall-E made me cry
#74. I am pathetic. But then, since letting others see our pathetic side is not ok, so I’m trying my best to hide it.
#75. I’m slightly addicted to futsal
#76. I hate being the center of attention.
#77. I keep on practicing diet even though I wanna get fat so badly.
#78. I like watermelon as well as its juicy juice.
#79. I like spaghetti
#80. I really like Tutti Frutti’s frozen yogurt.
#81. I do have regrets
#82. I had a very terrible experience with a gay stranger I met at a bus station not so long ago
#83. I like purple so very much
#84. I’m clumsy
#85. I don’t really like to be forced. Well, everyone doesn’t, right?
#86. I prefer to keep my problems to myself and not telling anyone.
#87. I can’t wiggle my ears without touching them
#88. I like to listen to one’s problem
#89. I just don't know how to comfort people
#90. I eat whenever I get bored
#91. I’m straight.
#92. Like most of the people, I used to hate smokers. But now, I realized that they have their own right as well, so I’m okay with them.
#93. Being trailed by salesperson during shopping makes me feel uneasy.
#94. I like KFC’s Strawberry Banana Yogurt
#95. I'm so in love with CHEESE
#96. I'm going to stop at #99
#97. I have a tendency to fall in love so easily with anyone who is kind to me. It happened to me around last year, and it was painful.
#98. Due to fact #97, I am now becoming more careful with girls ._.
#99. I need my bed. I’ll continue with the last fact later on :B


FACT #15

I'll feel guilty each time people ask me for forgiveness

I really mean this, like seriously. Sumpah tak suka bila ada orang mintak maaf semua tuu. Each time orang mintak maaf je, I'll blame myself for that. Taktau lah kenapa. Mungkin sebab, I don't want anyone to feel guilty because of me, or just maybe because I don't really care if anyone does something wrong or bad to me. Or mungkin jugak sebab, I'm not that type yang mudah terasa O.o Entah lah. I just don't care.
Okbyee :3


FACT #51

I'll turn really quiet in front of the one I like ._.



Because I can't sleep even though I'm sleepy, so I decided to do this :DD

#1. I like cats.
#2. I can hardly get angry. Like seriously.
#3. I never had a special girlfriend before, and I don't care.
#4. I'm considerably tall and slim*pfft -.-
#5. I don't like to condemn others based on their appearance like I did before when I was a kid. Well, at least I've changed.
#6. I can stay awake for 2 days playing computer games. 
#7. I am secretive. This is true.
#8. I am charming*blinking
#9. I am too sensitive.
#10. I've never been in a fight
#11. I'm weak. Inside out.
#12. I don't like blue jeans
#13. I am lazy
#14. I hate goodbyes. 
#15. I'll feel guilty each time people ask me for forgiveness
#16. I won't hesitate to say sorry when needed.
#17. I like STAR :DD
#18. I'm not into politics. Everything is corrupted.
#19. I'm a bad driver.
#20. I hate making decisions on my own.
#21. I always listen to sad songs to comfort myself.
#22. I did confess to a girl I like before. And that was in the PAST.
#23. My vocab sucks.
#24. I can sleep 12 hours straight. Or more.
#25. I am shy, and I hate it.
#26. I'll turn quiet whenever I'm sad.
#27. I'm able to make a very weird popping sound using my lips. I am special :D
#28. I'm bad at guessing.
#29. I can't swim.
#30. I can't cook :(
#31. I like popcorn :/
#32. I like Pizza.
#33. I like to give and I don't prefer to take*if you get what I mean.
#34. I like hamsters :D
#35. Being an architect was my childhood ambition.
#36. For me, spiders are totally scary. Wicked -.-
#37. I often talk alone to myself. It's just another way for me to comfort myself.
#38. I don't really eat onions anymore.
#39. Selena Gomez, I adore youu :DD
#40. My intuitions are always wrong.
#41. I've been on a date before. Once? or maybe twice O.o
#42. When I was young, I had an imaginary friend called Ayah Kaki Panjang :O
#43. A girl's smile is the most wonderful thing.
#44. Staying inside an air-conditioned room for hours can make me feel sleepy.
#45. I don't have any goals in life.
#46. I always assume the worst without even asking.
#47. I can get fluttered easily
#48. My intuitions are always wrong.
#49. I can hardly get fat no matter how much I eat. It might be due to the metabolism thingy.
#50. I'm too tired. I'm going to stop here.

*sambung nanti lah, hihi. Okbye, nak mandi :D



You say good morning
When it's midnight
Going out of my head
Alone in this bed
I wake up to your sunset
And it's driving me mad
I miss you so bad
And my heart, heart, heart, is so jet-lagged :DD



I was thinking about things that I can spend my time on during this horribly long semester break, and I came up with this short list -.- :D

1) Computer games. Yeah, this will always be on top. ALWAYS.
2) Movie marathon at the cinema. I wish I could. Oh yes, I could! Driving licence pun da ada ni :D
3) Novels and books. I don't really like to read, so.. hm -.-
4) Tv. Dad, pay the Astro bill first la! :/
5) Belog. Hehe :D
6) Futsal wuwuwu.
7) Work. What? Only god knows how lazy I am :>

There you go. Ada tujuh semuanyaa. Sikit je choices yang ada. Apa2 pun, rasanya I'll spend my time mostly on computer games lah kot. Sebab best and seronok :D Cuma, sedikit boring lah bila takde orang nak main sama2 sobss :/ Hmm, okay lah, okay lah. Nak paksa diri membaca lah lepas ni. Seriously, my english vocab is getting worse sebab da lama tak membaca-.- So, novel would be a good choice, I guess.

Btw, I didn't mention pun about 'Online' in the list kan? Hihi. Lupa pulak. Penting tu, penting. Tak ape lah. Okbyee :D



Hihi :'>

"Cherish those you love as much as you can while they're still there. Just show how much you care and how much you love them. Or else, you'll surely be filled with regrets when they're gone someday. And once that happens, you'll realize that it's already too late then."

Okay, I don't know whether this is true or not. But for me, kita memang patut hargai mereka sebaik mungkin even though mereka akan pergi jugak dari hidup kita suatu hari nanti. But at least, kita dah buat yang terbaik, kan? :)

Hihi. Kbyee :D



Sy suka melukis :D
"If you think your presence in one's life brings sadness instead of happiness, that's when you have to leave. Please, be more considerate about others."

Ingat pesan sy ni baik2 eh. Walau pahit mcm mana sekalipun, terpaksa lah pergi. Takpe lah kalau kita yang tersiksa. Asalkan jangan sakiti mereka yang kita betul2 sayang :)
Hihi okbyee :3



"Don't hide your pain from the one who cares about you. Cause gradually, the pain will become even worse. We are made to complete each other. So, don't hesitate to share the pain. Remember, there is someone out there who dreams of your smile."
okbyee :)



Wuwuwu, ada orang tag sy lah. Eyraa namanya :D


  • You must post this Rules in your ENTRY
  • Each person must post about themselves in their JURNAL
  • Answer the question that tagger set for you in their post. And Create 11new questions for new people you tagged for new answer 
  • You have to choose 11 to tag link them on the post
  • Go to their PAGE and tell them you have tag HIM/HER
  • No stuff in Tagging Section "You Are tagged If You Reading This"
  • "You are LEGITIMATELY" - a.k.a TRUST , WITH ALL HONEST , Have tag 11 people

  • Jahat
  • Tidak baik
  • Sangat jahat
  • Amat tidak baik

Erm. Okay, ini soalan dia. Lagi susah dari soalan test math haritu, sy rasa ._.

#1. Single or taken?
- Alamak. Perlu ke jawab? -.- Hmm, taken single laa.

#2. Two favorite foods.
- Nasi goreng Pattaya tanpa bawang, Nasi goreng USA :((

#3. Two favorite movies
- Enchanted, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark :((

#4. Two names of your childhood friends.
- Azwan, Asyraf*lupa -.-

#5. Do you want to travel to Paris or Korea?
- Paris, of course. Nak panjat Eiffel Tower >:D

#6. Prefer cycling or hiking?
- I don't prefer both.

#7. Suka warna PINK tak?
- Suka, sebab nak dekat2 dgn warna purple :3

#8. Apa PHONE idaman KORANG?
- Tiada hihi.

- Avril :D

#10. DAH ada lesen apa?
- Kereta or motor? Kereta JE.

#11. Blog eyraaa acane? COMMENT?
- Blog anda comel okbyee :)

Erm, rules tu cakap, kena tag belog orang lain pulak eh? Kiki. Sorry, sy rasa mengantuk lah. Kalau taknak tag, boleh? :3
Kiki okbyee :D



I drew this myself. Comel kan? :D

This happens to us. All of us*kot

"Sometimes, you have to hide your feeling towards that person even though you are ready to give your heart to him/her. It's okay, you can still love him/her as a friend, right? I know it hurts, but if you truly love someone, you have to sacrifice. Yes, you have to."

P/s: Jangan lah bersedih bila ini berlaku pada kita. Senyum2 selalu eh, okbyee :)



Manis :D

I did, not a long time ago, imagine myself as Wall-E. He did everything he could on his own, showing how much he cares towards the world he lived in. He also gave everything he had, just to make things better. And finally, he found Eve. From that point, he started to pursue her and tried his best just to grow in Eve's eyes. Cause he knew she's the right one for him. In the entire movie, we could see clearly how special she is in Wall-E's eyes. The way he looked at Eve, it's just too obvious, right? It seems like, she means the world to him.

So, go on. Try and put yourself in his shoes. Then, ask yourself. What would you do if you were him? Would you do exactly the same things like he did back then? Dear readers, I think you should. That's our purposes in life. That's why God created us. To fulfil our destiny. Do the right things and the rest, just leave it to God. He knows what's best for us. And once you meet your Eve, that's when you should feel really grateful. Appreciate her and let her know that you need her more than anything else in this world.

Btw, the movie made me cry -.- I know your reaction must be like, what. the. eff. But really, if you watch the movie and imagine yourself as Wall-E, you might get the same feeling as well.

P/s: You don't have to find your Eve. Just live your life the way it is. Cause one day, when the right time comes, she will appear right in front of you (:

Okbyee :D


Hello :D

Eh, da 2012 rupanya. I hope it's not too late for me to wish


Azam tahun baru ni, nak jadi lebih baik dari tahun lepas*setiap tahun azam sama je pfft -.-

Btw, malam semalam kan, langit cerah sgt. So, semalam tu nampak banyak bintang. Suprisingly, ada satu bintang tu kan, terang sangat. Sampaikan sy tersenyum sendirian :')

Sebab sy rasa sy busy sikit skrg ni, so entry ni pendek aje. Hihi okbyee :3