I was taking my hot shower when suddenly the nozzle made a very weird, distracting sound. I thought I'd be dead at that particular moment and yeah, it wasn't funny at all. It wasn't funny at all.

Okay, enough.
I didn't plan to write at first but the rising snatching cases during the last few days which is causing chaos over here moved me to write. I'm a bit intimidated, really. Being close to someone will actually put me in fear; fear of seeing that someone gets hurt either physically or mentally. In other words, fear of not being able to protect that someone from harm. It's more like a chain reaction in which I'll suffer every time that someone gets hurt. But I don't mind to share the pain, actually. It's just that everything would be better if I can protect and lead that someone out of harm's way or AT LEAST make that someone feels safe around me. This is a bit upsetting but still, I'm going to do my best once that someone appears in my life someday.