Living in the community, we can't expect people to live up to our expectations. Macam yang pernah saya cakap sebelum ni, having expectations is always okay until you have to face the truth, which is rather disappointing. For example, no matter how kind you are towards them, it won't guarantee anything. Sikit pun tak. Because we, people can be cruel sometimes :|
I've lost my wallet earlier this year. My handphone has been stolen back in July. Plus, burglars broke into my house during the raya festive few months ago. Money, briefcase, camera, etc went missing*sigh.
Apa2 pun, I'm not going to blame them lah kot, sebab hmm. Entah lah. Mana lah tahu kan, diorg tu actually modern day Robin Hood yang curik orang punya belonging pastu kasi dekat orang yang kurang berkemampuan ke apa ke kan. Well, we will never knowww