Sy suka melukis :D
"If you think your presence in one's life brings sadness instead of happiness, that's when you have to leave. Please, be more considerate about others."

Ingat pesan sy ni baik2 eh. Walau pahit mcm mana sekalipun, terpaksa lah pergi. Takpe lah kalau kita yang tersiksa. Asalkan jangan sakiti mereka yang kita betul2 sayang :)
Hihi okbyee :3



"Don't hide your pain from the one who cares about you. Cause gradually, the pain will become even worse. We are made to complete each other. So, don't hesitate to share the pain. Remember, there is someone out there who dreams of your smile."
okbyee :)



Wuwuwu, ada orang tag sy lah. Eyraa namanya :D


  • You must post this Rules in your ENTRY
  • Each person must post about themselves in their JURNAL
  • Answer the question that tagger set for you in their post. And Create 11new questions for new people you tagged for new answer 
  • You have to choose 11 to tag link them on the post
  • Go to their PAGE and tell them you have tag HIM/HER
  • No stuff in Tagging Section "You Are tagged If You Reading This"
  • "You are LEGITIMATELY" - a.k.a TRUST , WITH ALL HONEST , Have tag 11 people

  • Jahat
  • Tidak baik
  • Sangat jahat
  • Amat tidak baik

Erm. Okay, ini soalan dia. Lagi susah dari soalan test math haritu, sy rasa ._.

#1. Single or taken?
- Alamak. Perlu ke jawab? -.- Hmm, taken single laa.

#2. Two favorite foods.
- Nasi goreng Pattaya tanpa bawang, Nasi goreng USA :((

#3. Two favorite movies
- Enchanted, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark :((

#4. Two names of your childhood friends.
- Azwan, Asyraf*lupa -.-

#5. Do you want to travel to Paris or Korea?
- Paris, of course. Nak panjat Eiffel Tower >:D

#6. Prefer cycling or hiking?
- I don't prefer both.

#7. Suka warna PINK tak?
- Suka, sebab nak dekat2 dgn warna purple :3

#8. Apa PHONE idaman KORANG?
- Tiada hihi.

- Avril :D

#10. DAH ada lesen apa?
- Kereta or motor? Kereta JE.

#11. Blog eyraaa acane? COMMENT?
- Blog anda comel okbyee :)

Erm, rules tu cakap, kena tag belog orang lain pulak eh? Kiki. Sorry, sy rasa mengantuk lah. Kalau taknak tag, boleh? :3
Kiki okbyee :D



I drew this myself. Comel kan? :D

This happens to us. All of us*kot

"Sometimes, you have to hide your feeling towards that person even though you are ready to give your heart to him/her. It's okay, you can still love him/her as a friend, right? I know it hurts, but if you truly love someone, you have to sacrifice. Yes, you have to."

P/s: Jangan lah bersedih bila ini berlaku pada kita. Senyum2 selalu eh, okbyee :)



Manis :D

I did, not a long time ago, imagine myself as Wall-E. He did everything he could on his own, showing how much he cares towards the world he lived in. He also gave everything he had, just to make things better. And finally, he found Eve. From that point, he started to pursue her and tried his best just to grow in Eve's eyes. Cause he knew she's the right one for him. In the entire movie, we could see clearly how special she is in Wall-E's eyes. The way he looked at Eve, it's just too obvious, right? It seems like, she means the world to him.

So, go on. Try and put yourself in his shoes. Then, ask yourself. What would you do if you were him? Would you do exactly the same things like he did back then? Dear readers, I think you should. That's our purposes in life. That's why God created us. To fulfil our destiny. Do the right things and the rest, just leave it to God. He knows what's best for us. And once you meet your Eve, that's when you should feel really grateful. Appreciate her and let her know that you need her more than anything else in this world.

Btw, the movie made me cry -.- I know your reaction must be like, what. the. eff. But really, if you watch the movie and imagine yourself as Wall-E, you might get the same feeling as well.

P/s: You don't have to find your Eve. Just live your life the way it is. Cause one day, when the right time comes, she will appear right in front of you (:

Okbyee :D


Hello :D

Eh, da 2012 rupanya. I hope it's not too late for me to wish


Azam tahun baru ni, nak jadi lebih baik dari tahun lepas*setiap tahun azam sama je pfft -.-

Btw, malam semalam kan, langit cerah sgt. So, semalam tu nampak banyak bintang. Suprisingly, ada satu bintang tu kan, terang sangat. Sampaikan sy tersenyum sendirian :')

Sebab sy rasa sy busy sikit skrg ni, so entry ni pendek aje. Hihi okbyee :3