I was thinking about things that I can spend my time on during this horribly long semester break, and I came up with this short list -.- :D

1) Computer games. Yeah, this will always be on top. ALWAYS.
2) Movie marathon at the cinema. I wish I could. Oh yes, I could! Driving licence pun da ada ni :D
3) Novels and books. I don't really like to read, so.. hm -.-
4) Tv. Dad, pay the Astro bill first la! :/
5) Belog. Hehe :D
6) Futsal wuwuwu.
7) Work. What? Only god knows how lazy I am :>

There you go. Ada tujuh semuanyaa. Sikit je choices yang ada. Apa2 pun, rasanya I'll spend my time mostly on computer games lah kot. Sebab best and seronok :D Cuma, sedikit boring lah bila takde orang nak main sama2 sobss :/ Hmm, okay lah, okay lah. Nak paksa diri membaca lah lepas ni. Seriously, my english vocab is getting worse sebab da lama tak membaca-.- So, novel would be a good choice, I guess.

Btw, I didn't mention pun about 'Online' in the list kan? Hihi. Lupa pulak. Penting tu, penting. Tak ape lah. Okbyee :D