#52. I'm curious about what Nachos really is and how does it taste like
#53. I like marshmallow
#54. Up until now, I'm still afraid of black cats because I think that they have some sort of connection with the supernatural thingy
#55. I always feel insecure. I wish I can just disappear
#55. I often talk to the star during the night whenever I miss someone. You can call me crazy or anything, but this is true.
#56. I can live without cellphone. At least for the time being.
#57. I like egg tarts
#58. Texting can make me smile, like seriously.
#59. I am faithful, so you can put all your trust in me :)
#60. I think girls in baju kurung are beautiful.
#61. I envy those with wavy hair
#62. I hate my hair right now. The barber from yesterday turned my hair into something crappy -.-
#63. I don’t have self-confidence
#64. Smoking makes me dizzy, so I don’t smoke at all.
#65. I’m afraid of my dad .
#66. I'll play with my hair whenever I get nervous or shy.
#66. I like to draw, but my drawing skill sucks.
#67. I used to own a diary.
#68. I can sing very well
#69. I can also dance gracefully
#70. I lied to you about facts #68 and #69.
#71. I’ve never won anything in lucky draw
#72. I like skinny jeans. I looked tall in it.
#73. Wall-E made me cry
#74. I am pathetic. But then, since letting others see our pathetic side is not ok, so I’m trying my best to hide it.
#75. I’m slightly addicted to futsal
#76. I hate being the center of attention.
#77. I keep on practicing diet even though I wanna get fat so badly.
#78. I like watermelon as well as its juicy juice.
#79. I like spaghetti
#80. I really like Tutti Frutti’s frozen yogurt.
#81. I do have regrets
#82. I had a very terrible experience with a gay stranger I met at a bus station not so long ago
#83. I like purple so very much
#84. I’m clumsy
#85. I don’t really like to be forced. Well, everyone doesn’t, right?
#86. I prefer to keep my problems to myself and not telling anyone.
#87. I can’t wiggle my ears without touching them
#88. I like to listen to one’s problem
#89. I just don't know how to comfort people
#90. I eat whenever I get bored
#91. I’m straight.
#92. Like most of the people, I used to hate smokers. But now, I realized that they have their own right as well, so I’m okay with them.
#93. Being trailed by salesperson during shopping makes me feel uneasy.
#94. I like KFC’s Strawberry Banana Yogurt
#95. I'm so in love with CHEESE
#96. I'm going to stop at #99
#97. I have a tendency to fall in love so easily with anyone who is kind to me. It happened to me around last year, and it was painful.
#98. Due to fact #97, I am now becoming more careful with girls ._.
#99. I need my bed. I’ll continue with the last fact later on :B


FACT #15

I'll feel guilty each time people ask me for forgiveness

I really mean this, like seriously. Sumpah tak suka bila ada orang mintak maaf semua tuu. Each time orang mintak maaf je, I'll blame myself for that. Taktau lah kenapa. Mungkin sebab, I don't want anyone to feel guilty because of me, or just maybe because I don't really care if anyone does something wrong or bad to me. Or mungkin jugak sebab, I'm not that type yang mudah terasa O.o Entah lah. I just don't care.
Okbyee :3


"yeah the reason I love you is all that we've been through, and that's why I love you"
Hi guys! :)

Haritu kan, haritu kan, I watched this movie kt tibi. Lupa laa nama cerita ni, sebab mcm panjang sangat :| Btw, the movie revolves around 3 characters, Marie, Alex and lagi sorang tu, erm. Entah, lupa nama dia. Evan kot -.- I don't really remember the introduction, but I think everything starts when Marie greets her old friend, Alex. And eventually, mereka jadi semakin rapat as time passes by. They always contact each other, share their pain, secrets and happiness. I can see how close they are. Alex tu, sikit pun tak expect yang mereka akan jadi serapat tu. Sebab Marie tu selalu ada masalah, Alex cuba sedaya upaya dia untuk tolong Marie. But then, Alex tahu yang dia tak mampu buat apa2 selain menjadi listener dia and bagi nasihat aje. Kadang2 tu, Alex salahkan diri dia sendiri jugak, sebab tak mampu buat apa2. And just maybe, disebabkan Marie tu selalu terluka and disakiti, Alex mula ambil berat kt Marie tu. At a point, he swears to himself yang dia akan cuba beri yang terbaik.

"I wanna protect you, and I wanna treat you well"

I guess ni lah kot janji Alex pada diri dia sendiri*lupa dah, huhu -.- Tak lama lepas tu, they get even closer with each other. Alex mula rasa ada something yang special dekat diri Marie tu. Dia sedar yang Marie tu mcm baik sgt. Besides that, dia dapat rasa yang Marie tu seorang yang ikhlas, lemah lembut and mcm2 lagi lah. And then, unexpectedly, Alex mula rasa sayang dekat Marie. Yep, that's it. Dia mula anggap Marie tu someone yang betul2 important dlm hidup dia. And I do think that dia tu betul2 jujur towards Marie. Alex tu kan, selalu happy sebab Marie selalu ada bila dia rasa kesunyian, rasa teruk, and so on. Sebab tu lah, he falls head over heels for Marie.

The climax. This is the part when everything goes so wonderful and wrong. I don't know whether he is plain stupid or what, because Alex buat something yang sy sendiri rasa dia tak patut buat. CONFESSION. Itu yang Alex buat. He tells Marie everything about his feeling. It sucks, but at least, dia jujur kan. And you know what, Marie pun confess jugak. It's heaven. She likes him as well. Yes, she does :DD So, what's next? Happy ever after? Oh, come on. The story is far from over yet. Mula2 tu, memang lah semuanya okay kan. Tp, everything gets comlicated as Marie asks Alex a favour. She asks him to stop waiting for her. Semuanya sebab she can't forget her past. I know how she feels. Marie betul2 tak dapat nak lupa kisah silam dia dengan si Evan tu. Her past keeps playing on her mind. Sy sebenarnya kesian gilaa dekat dia, tp nak buat mcm mana kan. Bukan semua yang kita harapkan akan berlaku. Hmm. I think Alex faham situasi Marie tu. He couldn't really accept it, but he tries his best to forget her. Malangnyaa, the more he tries, the worse it gets. Mungkin sebab dia terlalu sayangkan Marie, sampaikan dia rasa teruk. Pastu, ada sekali tu, Marie jatuh sakit. Bila Alex dapat tahu je pasal tu, dia betul2 rasa bersalah. And finally, dia buat this one big decision. Alex terjun bangunan. Pfft okay bukan. Dia jauhkan diri dari Marie tu, hoping that things will get better for both of them.

So, I guess that's how the story ends. Tak sempat nak tengok cerita tu sampai habis haritu, because I fell asleep -.-
Sobss. Sedihnyaaa, okbyee :<