Because I can't sleep even though I'm sleepy, so I decided to do this :DD

#1. I like cats.
#2. I can hardly get angry. Like seriously.
#3. I never had a special girlfriend before, and I don't care.
#4. I'm considerably tall and slim*pfft -.-
#5. I don't like to condemn others based on their appearance like I did before when I was a kid. Well, at least I've changed.
#6. I can stay awake for 2 days playing computer games. 
#7. I am secretive. This is true.
#8. I am charming*blinking
#9. I am too sensitive.
#10. I've never been in a fight
#11. I'm weak. Inside out.
#12. I don't like blue jeans
#13. I am lazy
#14. I hate goodbyes. 
#15. I'll feel guilty each time people ask me for forgiveness
#16. I won't hesitate to say sorry when needed.
#17. I like STAR :DD
#18. I'm not into politics. Everything is corrupted.
#19. I'm a bad driver.
#20. I hate making decisions on my own.
#21. I always listen to sad songs to comfort myself.
#22. I did confess to a girl I like before. And that was in the PAST.
#23. My vocab sucks.
#24. I can sleep 12 hours straight. Or more.
#25. I am shy, and I hate it.
#26. I'll turn quiet whenever I'm sad.
#27. I'm able to make a very weird popping sound using my lips. I am special :D
#28. I'm bad at guessing.
#29. I can't swim.
#30. I can't cook :(
#31. I like popcorn :/
#32. I like Pizza.
#33. I like to give and I don't prefer to take*if you get what I mean.
#34. I like hamsters :D
#35. Being an architect was my childhood ambition.
#36. For me, spiders are totally scary. Wicked -.-
#37. I often talk alone to myself. It's just another way for me to comfort myself.
#38. I don't really eat onions anymore.
#39. Selena Gomez, I adore youu :DD
#40. My intuitions are always wrong.
#41. I've been on a date before. Once? or maybe twice O.o
#42. When I was young, I had an imaginary friend called Ayah Kaki Panjang :O
#43. A girl's smile is the most wonderful thing.
#44. Staying inside an air-conditioned room for hours can make me feel sleepy.
#45. I don't have any goals in life.
#46. I always assume the worst without even asking.
#47. I can get fluttered easily
#48. My intuitions are always wrong.
#49. I can hardly get fat no matter how much I eat. It might be due to the metabolism thingy.
#50. I'm too tired. I'm going to stop here.

*sambung nanti lah, hihi. Okbye, nak mandi :D



You say good morning
When it's midnight
Going out of my head
Alone in this bed
I wake up to your sunset
And it's driving me mad
I miss you so bad
And my heart, heart, heart, is so jet-lagged :DD