com·fort (ˈkəmfərt)

#1. a state of being relaxed and feeling no pain
#2. a feeling of freedom from worry or disappointment
#3. satisfaction or physical well-being provided by a person or thing

I saw a tweet about line and its relation with our lives on Twitter and it keeps bothering me. Up until now, I still can't believe how accurate it is.

Let's say that each one of you represents a straight line being drawn beautifully on a very large piece of paper. And again, let's assume that the person you want to be with is another straight line, but parallel to you. That must be pretty sad, right? We are all aware that parallel lines will never intersect with each other at any point whatsoever. So, no matter how much you want to be with that person, both of you just can't.
And if you think that's sad enough, think twice. What about other straight lines? Unlike parallel lines, these lines do intersect at a certain point but eventually, they will be separated away from each other and that's pretty sad, too.
Out of these two kinds of line, I prefer the first one. I really hope that you and I are two parallel lines being drawn really close to each other. We might not be able to meet at any point, but at least we can be close enough till the very end. And forever is fine with me. Yeah it's fine, really. It's just the matter of time till you appear in my life or maybe there is a slight chance that you've been here all along.
And what I like the most about this kind of line is that parallel lines can never exist without each other.
Um btw, it's raining over here and I really enjoy blogging in this kind of weather. The smell of the rain as well as the cold air around here are just cozy and comforting :)



"L e t B y g o n e s B e B y g o n e s"

Hi I wanna make a confession over here but I just couldn't find the right words to start with. So, I think lets make this straight and simple.

The truth is

I've been longing to make a fresh start and I think this is the right time fr me to do so. It's just that, I really am in an awful state right now. I've reverted some old posts back into drafts in order not to create further misunderstanding and I know that I just did the right thing. So yea this is it. This is the new me heh no it's just me and my new determination, that's all.

Like I told ya, I wanted to make this post as simple as possible so I think I'm done here.

Wait! I feel like an emo blogger weh haha this isn't right haha hahahaha this is so not like me haih whatever byee I need my bed!



"Life isn't easy anymore"

"Then find something to pull you through"

"Like what? Everything's tearing me apart"

"But there must be something"

"No, there isn't any. I am transparent to everything. I am transparent to everyone"

Sorry. So let's begin.

#Describe the thing you're afraid of the most?
You-know-who. Eight-legged creature with approximately eight eyes. *JAW DROPS*

Well, here's a simple explanation why I'm afraid of them. Imagine this; You're lying on your bed and suddenly there is a huge spider crawling inside your shirt :| Sorry I just can't..

#Your happiest moment with the thing?
Are you kidding me?

#Your scariest moment with the thing?
It was last year when I found this one giant dead spider in the doorway of my house. It died just right there, and I simply had no idea about it.
"Bro, I know you're afraid of me so uhm I'm just gonna die here and make your life a living hell".
Pfft. So basically I had to make huge leap every single time I went in and out of my house and it was so frightening 

#When did you last see the thing?
Few days ago in the movie After Earth at the cinema. It was scary but lucky me, the person I went out with made joke about it so yea basically the fear turned into laughter and I was ok.

#Is there anyone who shares the same fear?
Yeah, it's Ron from the movie Harry Potter.

#Any hope ?
Just like anybody else, I hope spiders will never go through further evolutions and grow wings. Or else it's gonna be the end for me :|