"Life isn't easy anymore"

"Then find something to pull you through"

"Like what? Everything's tearing me apart"

"But there must be something"

"No, there isn't any. I am transparent to everything. I am transparent to everyone"

Sorry. So let's begin.

#Describe the thing you're afraid of the most?
You-know-who. Eight-legged creature with approximately eight eyes. *JAW DROPS*

Well, here's a simple explanation why I'm afraid of them. Imagine this; You're lying on your bed and suddenly there is a huge spider crawling inside your shirt :| Sorry I just can't..

#Your happiest moment with the thing?
Are you kidding me?

#Your scariest moment with the thing?
It was last year when I found this one giant dead spider in the doorway of my house. It died just right there, and I simply had no idea about it.
"Bro, I know you're afraid of me so uhm I'm just gonna die here and make your life a living hell".
Pfft. So basically I had to make huge leap every single time I went in and out of my house and it was so frightening 

#When did you last see the thing?
Few days ago in the movie After Earth at the cinema. It was scary but lucky me, the person I went out with made joke about it so yea basically the fear turned into laughter and I was ok.

#Is there anyone who shares the same fear?
Yeah, it's Ron from the movie Harry Potter.

#Any hope ?
Just like anybody else, I hope spiders will never go through further evolutions and grow wings. Or else it's gonna be the end for me :|

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