"L e t B y g o n e s B e B y g o n e s"

Hi I wanna make a confession over here but I just couldn't find the right words to start with. So, I think lets make this straight and simple.

The truth is

I've been longing to make a fresh start and I think this is the right time fr me to do so. It's just that, I really am in an awful state right now. I've reverted some old posts back into drafts in order not to create further misunderstanding and I know that I just did the right thing. So yea this is it. This is the new me heh no it's just me and my new determination, that's all.

Like I told ya, I wanted to make this post as simple as possible so I think I'm done here.

Wait! I feel like an emo blogger weh haha this isn't right haha hahahaha this is so not like me haih whatever byee I need my bed!

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