#52. I'm curious about what Nachos really is and how does it taste like
#53. I like marshmallow
#54. Up until now, I'm still afraid of black cats because I think that they have some sort of connection with the supernatural thingy
#55. I always feel insecure. I wish I can just disappear
#55. I often talk to the star during the night whenever I miss someone. You can call me crazy or anything, but this is true.
#56. I can live without cellphone. At least for the time being.
#57. I like egg tarts
#58. Texting can make me smile, like seriously.
#59. I am faithful, so you can put all your trust in me :)
#60. I think girls in baju kurung are beautiful.
#61. I envy those with wavy hair
#62. I hate my hair right now. The barber from yesterday turned my hair into something crappy -.-
#63. I don’t have self-confidence
#64. Smoking makes me dizzy, so I don’t smoke at all.
#65. I’m afraid of my dad .
#66. I'll play with my hair whenever I get nervous or shy.
#66. I like to draw, but my drawing skill sucks.
#67. I used to own a diary.
#68. I can sing very well
#69. I can also dance gracefully
#70. I lied to you about facts #68 and #69.
#71. I’ve never won anything in lucky draw
#72. I like skinny jeans. I looked tall in it.
#73. Wall-E made me cry
#74. I am pathetic. But then, since letting others see our pathetic side is not ok, so I’m trying my best to hide it.
#75. I’m slightly addicted to futsal
#76. I hate being the center of attention.
#77. I keep on practicing diet even though I wanna get fat so badly.
#78. I like watermelon as well as its juicy juice.
#79. I like spaghetti
#80. I really like Tutti Frutti’s frozen yogurt.
#81. I do have regrets
#82. I had a very terrible experience with a gay stranger I met at a bus station not so long ago
#83. I like purple so very much
#84. I’m clumsy
#85. I don’t really like to be forced. Well, everyone doesn’t, right?
#86. I prefer to keep my problems to myself and not telling anyone.
#87. I can’t wiggle my ears without touching them
#88. I like to listen to one’s problem
#89. I just don't know how to comfort people
#90. I eat whenever I get bored
#91. I’m straight.
#92. Like most of the people, I used to hate smokers. But now, I realized that they have their own right as well, so I’m okay with them.
#93. Being trailed by salesperson during shopping makes me feel uneasy.
#94. I like KFC’s Strawberry Banana Yogurt
#95. I'm so in love with CHEESE
#96. I'm going to stop at #99
#97. I have a tendency to fall in love so easily with anyone who is kind to me. It happened to me around last year, and it was painful.
#98. Due to fact #97, I am now becoming more careful with girls ._.
#99. I need my bed. I’ll continue with the last fact later on :B

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