Trust me or not, I'm doing this again because I have too much time to be wasted -.-

#101. I'm going to skip fact #100 and save it for later.
#102. I tend to get depressed easily if I don't get enough sleep.
#103. Surprisingly, I am not addicted to computer games anymore.
#104. My general knowledge is really bad. If I were sitting for general knowledge test, I'd probably score below than 20 or maybe 10 out of 100
#105. My head will get itchy whenever I eat spicy food.
#106. I do act childish sometimes and I hate it.
#107. I can always make time for those who are dear to me
#108. I'm not easy to get along with.
#109. I hate ginger. It tastes like yuck D:
#110. I prefer to tuck my shoelaces inside the socks or shoes instead of tying them.
#111. I enjoy the smell of gasoline.
#112. When I was a kid, the theme song from the movie X-Files really freaked me out. Until now, the song still brings chill down my spine
#113. I can lick my left elbow but not my right one. I don't know how to explain this.
#114. I love talking about human relationship. But then, I always end up listening most of the time instead of talking about it.
#115. I prefer shopping alone rather than going with my dad because I won't get to buy things I want whenever he's around
#116. I've stopped my bad habit of biting straws since it's pretty disgusting.
#117. I can now play guitar after two weeks of practice and I love it
#118. Since my parents do not allow me to buy or even play guitar, my friend lend me one and I have it hidden inside my closet. I can only play whenever they're not around, but that's more than enough I guess. Hehe.
#119. I'm a bad son for sure. Sorry mom, sorry dad.
#120. I hate taking medicine whenever I fall sick.
#121. I can be friendly to anyone if I put my mind to it.
#122. I don't usually greet others first and wait for them to make the first move instead since I'm afraid that they might feel annoyed and uncomfortable.
#123. I've never suffered muscle cramp in my entire life.
#124. I prefer not to comb my hair and leave them messy instead.
#125. I like to play with my hair. They are soft and silk. pfft.
#126. I've never ridden a roller coaster before.
#127. I still don't understand the exact reason why lovers fight and hurt each other. Is it that hard to actually maintain a good relationship and love each other without the need to hurt back? Can't they just forgive and forget?
#128. I wanna visit Paris so badly.
#129. I hate Justin Bieber, not because of his personality or songs, but hmm. Nevermind -.-"
#130. I'm not afraid of the dark.
#131. I've began to adore Selena when I saw her as the main character in the movie Another Cinderella Story two years ago.
#132. I am fat. Nope
#133. I am getting fatter as time passes by. Nope
#134. I don't like McD's Apple Pie.
#135. I've never proposed to anyone before largely because I am too afraid of being rejected.
#136. I have a close relationship with vampire since I usually sleep during the day and stay awake at night
#137. I have a huge collection of Selena's photos kept inside a folder on my laptop. Hehe.
#138. I'm not comfortable being in public because I feel like everybody's staring at me. It's dejecting somehow.
#139. Being able to cheer up those who are in pain makes me feel contented.
#140. I can be overprotective and I know it's annoying. It's just that I hate seeing those who are dear to me get hurt.
#141. I can't tolerate those who spread chained messages. If the messages were real, I'd be long dead by now
#142. I've been rooting for Chelsea since 2006.
#143. I always have unrealistic and high expectations.
#144. Honestly, I hate getting myself a haircut but at the same time, I don't like having long hair :|
#145. I've never been to Burger King, Nando's, Wendy's and Subway*sobbing
#146. I know this is a bit disgusting but I could blow bubbles off my tongue.
#147. I can even squirt saliva from underneath my tongue. I mean, sometimes.
#148. I have dimples.
#149. I trust people around me too easily.
#150. I can't stand the cold.

Yeay, done with the facts. Need some sleep now, night!


Susila said...

is this true? btw, follow my blog. thanks.

KIKO said...

it's a yes :)