Hi. I just woke up to the sound of my laptop hitting the floor and now I couldn't go back to sleep because of hunger.

Btw I have no idea what triggered me to write. I think it has something to do with what I feel right now; something in between joy and sadness. p/s: I enjoy writing every time I get upset


I am still in the state of recovering and now I feel like pushing myself away from everyone; too tired of seeing others leaving me all by myself so I guess it'd be less damaging if I'm the one who leave. Yessssss I'm good at pushing people away so nobody will ever notice.

Aiyok. It looks like a giant octopus with short tentacles
Basically that's just me fighting my personal monster and I don't think that's cool hmm I should have drawn a gun instead . Whatever it is, I know how irritating I can be at times but I still have this wishful thinking that some people will never leave me astray, not even once, not even close and not even in their slightest thought.

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