Somehow, I feel dismayed.
#1. I accidentally stepped on Pooh and I just couldn't find the right way to say sorry to him (yep I'm using the word 'him' simply because Pooh is a male cat) and yes I couldn't speak cat's language. In return, Pooh gave me his "I will rip you apart" kind of stare and walked away. Pooh hates me.
#2. Jealousy over those who live in a study environment. The fact that I'm not genius makes me feel uneasy. Plus, final exam in about a month ++ so I need to study. help
#3. Some people around me bring so much negativity and it upsets me.
#4. I received few deep cuts on my fingers from cleaning the fridge two days ago and now I have to withstand the stingy pain every single time I wash my hands.
#5. Again, Pooh stared me down  while I was having my lunch so I had to share some with him. Tried my best to win his heart back. Yes I could do this!
I know this is lame but let's hope fr a better tomorrow :)

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