Words do heal: they are more than sufficient to make people feel better even though they suffocate at times.

some inspiring words from a tiny person #eh

One day, they'll somehow realize the pleasure of having someone like you around; someone who will shower them with warm words and good pieces of advice. And I can do nothing but to envy them from afar.
May the force be with you, insyaAllah :)

Ohh btw you guys still remember the time when I told you that Pooh doesn't hate me anymore? Well, I was wrong. The truth is, he wanted to poop but the door which leads to his litter box was firmly closed so he had to wake me up as early as 5 in the morning.

And I bet Pooh still hates me, deep inside. I was hugging and playing with him when I saw this sticky brown-colored liquid on my left arm. Negative thought suddenly came surging since it looked very familiar but I sniffed it anyway.
Yep, he literally pooped on my arm. It looked very gross and nasty as if the poop was smirking at me

I'll never hug you again Pooh, never in my right mind #hetchu

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