Hello. I pretty suck at writing but when it comes to giving title to blog post, I actually suck even more

I was cleaning my room when I stumbled across The Sims DVD game, uncovered, but covered with dust all over it. I used to enjoy playing this game way back when I was still in the mood of becoming an architect since the game allows you to design your own house while taking total control over your sim(s), interacting wih objects as well as the surroundings. But then, what I like the most about this game is that it allows your sim to interact with other sims; which is pretty exciting and easy. Yes it's whole lot easier to interact in this game than in real life, needless to say.

Don't you think that getting to know people is hard, but um interesting at the same time? It occured to me that some people are actually much more beautiful on the inside - once you get to know them deeper. This is when you sort of realize that the person you are trying to know is different from the rest; that the person might be worth spending your time and effort on and also that the person is worth keeping.

The bad side of getting to know people, however, is very scary - you might not be equally worth, or in other words, you might not be good enough fr them. Like I said, getting to know people is HARD. It's not like in The Sims where you can simply look at the bubbles floating on top of the sim's head to know whether he/she is into you or otherwise

Ok enough

Still couldn't believe that my last 2 days were quite productive. I mean, it's not like I did something useful or good but it's just that I managed to do something other than napping. Which is ok I guess, given that I'm still suffering from jetlag *sigh

I actually managed to finish reading my first novel ever. All I can say is The Fault In Our Stars is wonderful! Thanks to you John Green, I'll definitely grab my own copy of your well-written novel and reread all over again and let myself sink into depression

"You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you" - TFIOS

I like my choice. I like how you and your book hurt me. Thank you.
Spoiler alert: Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace are actually siblings. Ok.

Yeee I lied about the spoiler. Go read yourself.

I haven't slept since yesterday. I went to the GSC last night. It was late and there were few choices left so my friends and I randomly picked Blended (Adam Sandler plays as the main cast). The movie was very funny, everyone in the hall laughed but I broke into tears. Especially during the part when Lauren sang to Lou her lullaby and kissed Espn when she was pretending to be sleeping. I couldn't quite figure out what changed me. I mean how'd I become so soft on the inside. Perhaps this is just the kind of person I really am. Mmhmmm I was lucky the seats on my right were empty so I secretly used my right sleeve to wipe the tears off my cheek.

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