Hi look who's back here? It's me, the coolest blogger the world has ever known um ok................. I'm still sleepy because of my lack of sleep (you don't say) but fyi, my roommate is not around because the ceiling fan in our room isn't working so he went downstairs instead. I am not so sure about this but I think I like it this way. I get to lock the door and do stuffs all by myself like playing my favorite Coldplay albums out loud or switching on the lights anytime I want without having to worry about disturbing others. I feel like moving out of this house and look for a place with a bit more privacy but I love my housemates and everything else (I have to exclude Pooh ha ha he is shoooo annoying)

I think it's been a while since I last wrote while having pizza with cheese on top and Pepsi ahh I miss the good old days. Things have changed. I am now writing while having maggi and......... THERE ARE PAPERS EVERYWHERE. THERE ARE PAPERS ON MY STUDY TABLE AND THERE ARE PAPERS UNDERNEATH MY LAPTOP AND THERE ARE PAPERS LYING ON TOP OF MY BED. It's ok. Have a good sleep papers, pull the blanket and sleep thightly aite? I have to work my ass off for this upcoming essay exam. Yep, I woke up this morning with the thought of studying since I'll be sitting fr essay exam this Monday and I don't have much time left but I ended up here hehehe I'm dead. Yesterday's paper was ok. Not that 'I think I can secure high marks' kind of ok but 'bolehlah tapi banyak hentam' kind of ok. I was happy with the questions at first but then things started to get wrong when I realised that I had no idea how much time's left since we're not allowed to bring along handphones, etc. So I pressed the panic button and phew, the end result wasn't satisfying at all *iCry

When I was on my way home, I walked down this one street. There were children playing happily among themselves in the middle of the street and I couldn't help myself but to smile. But it lasted just fr a while when I saw a random banana peel being thrown out of nowhere. It suddenly got me thinking; why is everybody being so ignorant of their surrounding? Why is it so hard fr them to at least take a good care of their surrounding? There are kids on the streets lah you people. Kids who might accidentally step on those junk that you, ignorant people threw on the ground and injure themselves. Yes I know ignorance is bliss, but this is not the thing you guys should ignore. If people were turtle, I do think the streets will be filled with dead turtles that choked on food wraps or wtv *sigh

Such a stressful day huh, Imtinan?

I have to admit, yes. But it's ok, given the fact that people who inspire and know how to lift my spirit sky-high do exist. People who can assure you that things are gonna be fine and shower you with warm advice while reminding you not to forget your Creator up there since He is the one who can make all your hard work pays off are the ones you should keep by any means whatsoever. 

And like I said earlier, it is ok not to feel ok, sometimes.

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