I realised that there are about more than 10 posts that I haven't published yet and what can I conclude here is that I couldn't find freedom in writing anymore. Basically it's all about people being judgemental towards others and I know I'm far from being excluded so I have to be a lil bit careful here.

Uh btw I just finished cutting my hair and I think it looks really good on me he he he. Well y'know, some guys care about their haircut as much as you girls care about yours. And fr me, going to hair saloon fr a haircut is a bit freaky since I know it's not possible fr me to hit the rewind button and redo the process all over again.

I hate getting bad haircut to the point where it feels like there are poops on my head or something so I will lock myself up in my room fr a day or two every time it happens.
p/s: I envy those with messy and wavy hair okbye

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