"find whatever you love to do and do it- life's all about heart"
*taken from twitter*wink*

It's a bit unfamiliar for me to compile the things I'd like to do during my summer break into one long list. But then, I've been away from home for way too long so yea maybe I need to list down few of them here.
#1. Hug mom and dad, the most lovely parents in the entire world. I really miss their hugs.
#2. Get my beauty sleep
#3. Meet up few familiar faces that I've been missing for so long
#4. Eat as much as I can and regain weight weh. I've lost so much kilos lately and it's really upsetting. I mean, is there something wrong with me? :(
#5. Watch TV
#6. Buy a new laptop.
#7. Visit my ex-classmates while hoping that they still remember me
#8. Buy some nice new clothes and maybe a pair of new shoes.
#9. Drive around the city
#10. Eat my mom's cooking and ask her to cook my fav dishes.
#11. Learn cooking from mom.
#12. Watch movies at the cinema
#13. Futsal with friends ofc
#14. Sleep for one whole day! Ok no.

And the list goes on and on. There are so much things to be done act but nvm. It's not like I'm gonna list them all here. Whatever it is, I hope that I won't be spending most of my time napping like I used to*sigh*

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