Hi. Just so you know, I'm having such a hard time over here. Gonna collapse due to mental breakdown sooner or later I guess, since my happy-sad ratio is now around 1:infinity hehe k over but seriously, that explains how awfully sad I am right now :'(
First thing first, it's about the OSCE exam. You know how suck it is when you're gonna lose about more than half of the total marks given? Well, I did so bad in the exam you know? The diagrams provided during the exam were full in colors but my printed notes are all black and white hahahahahaha so basically I didn't manage to identify the diagrams given. I think I was the only one who studied OSCE without using laptop since mine is not functioning anymore. Haih. I'm so gonna ask my dad to buy a new laptop fr me later on hmmmm.
And then there's another big thing but I think I'm just gonna keep it to myself fr the time being. Or maybe I'll tell someone about it someday hehe okay nobody seems to care so it's a no. I'll bury it deep inside me.
And somehow, I feel like running away from everything that's bothering me right now but I know I'm gonna end up at the same place anyway so nvm.

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