- So precious that its value cannot be determined.
- Used to express great and usually affectionate amusement.

Should I or should not I treat you the way it was when everything went just fine between us? Should I or should not I care about you the way I did before? Should I or should not I forget everything in the past and start from scratch? On top of that, should both of us stay as strangers just like the way I wanted to? Because sometimes, I do regret that decision, the one I made when I was not in my right mind at all. I've been thinking about these things lately. Sorting out my feeling wasn't the easiest thing to do, but I think I've made it through.
Let's stop being just strangers, because I realised that it was the worst decision that I've ever made.  So I'm going to be a friend who cares for you till the very end. I'm going to be a friend who will stick with you through whatever and break your fall if you want me to. Yes, I'm going to give you that much, because you and your kind of friendship are too precious to me :)



Sebab sy nak acknowledge those who are real and those who aren't, saya sengaja jadik annoying and buat dyorg rasa annoyed. So far, everything's okay. Tapi, I know sooner or later mesti ada punya yang akan rasa menyampah nanti, tapi takpe lah. It's a normal thing lah kot. At least, those who are real will stay, and those who aren't will go. Those real people will cherish and those who aren't will ignore. Cuma, saya rasa mcm takut sikit sebab, there are these people yang saya betul2 harap takkan rasa menyampah sikit pun dengan saya hmmm. Kena tunggu dan lihat je nanti mcm mana outcome dia :|