Out of the blue, I feel sad. I can't even understand myself but it aches, badly.
"May I vanish? At least until I feel better"
Yep, that kind of sad. Is it possible to go into a deep sleep for a while, away from reality?
I enjoy blogging because it helps at time like this. Without any doubt, it helps to relieve in a way that can't be explained. Mmhmmm wait let me try.
"Hi I am upset so I just wanna talk to you fr a while. I hope you don't mind"
"Yeah, sure. I don't :)"
This is what I was trying to say. It's like talking to someone who doesn't mind talking to you all day long just to make you feel better. But of course writing isn't as comforting as talking to someone who cares instead of just being curious.
And that's how I value blogging.
Btw, I realised that Pooh doesn't really hate me anymore. I know this sounds unreal, but he did wake me up from my sleep so I managed to finish my ilo in time. Thanks Pooh! I will try not to step on you again.

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